Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Meditations

It seems no matter how much I want to post regularly to this blog I just can't get it done. It's not that I don't have source material....I've barely scratched the surface of all that I've written. I guess I' write more if I thought it was any good.

But I do appreciate the four of you who stop by to read these.

Today's post is from Christmas Eve 2013.


I was lost in darkness
Knowing only despair
Alone and wounded
Battered by a world
That wanted only
To hurt me more

But God had other plans
He set out to save me
Worthless as I was
No price would be too great
To bring me home
Safe in his arms

The Son
Left glory and
Wonder beyond compare
He came to earth
To a man like me

Little child
Heaven’s King
Sleeping ‘neath the stars
A life to come
A cross to bear

A death to die for me.

December 24, 2013

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Take The Next Step

We all struggle and yet we seem to be afraid to admit that struggle. I think we do no favors to ourselves and others when we cultivate an image of constant strength and victory. I tell my kids often that we are not defined by our victories but by our defeats. 

One Step Follows Another

Hid in a cave
And Jonah
Sat in the shade
And they both
Wondered what
You were up to

I must confess
I often wonder
Why things have
To be the way they are
For Your thoughts
Are beyond mine
And Your wisdom
Past my imagination

I’m glad
That my struggles
Are all known
To You
And my questions
Don’t scare You
Like they do me

I live my life
Not knowing
While wrestling
With the questions
Yet you
Wait for me
To seek You

For the answers

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

After a long absence I have finally decided to come back to this blog. This piece comes from sometime in the last four years, but I cannot place it with any more certainty than that.

For what it's worth; here it is.

Growing Older

I once thought
I was wise
Now I know

Our struggles
Define us
Our dreams
Propel our hopes

Those who abuse
And comforts
The mourners

I hope I’m never
Half as smart
As I think

I am

Friday, May 30, 2014

Feeling Old

May has been a rough month....My oldest son graduated from nursing school. My oldest daughter got married and my twins each moved away from home for the summer. I certainly understand that those events are not all equal in importance or affect, but they were  biggies all the same.

I have been trying to write all month long...but the words and the emotions were a touch too raw. I was finally able to break through just a couple of days ago and this poem was the result. I am sure that there will be more to come...

and so here is the first.

Daddy’s and Daughters

I held you
In my arms
Blue eyes, blond curls
And laughter
We danced

You stood
On my feet
A smile
A mile wide
We danced

An open floor
By family and friends
In your wedding dress
We danced

The years
Took you away
Buy my heart
Holds you forever

And we dance.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I think I wrote this one after watching an episode of "The Twilight Zone." I'm not sure I could recommend reading it, but it's in the stack so it goes on here.....

Don't read if depressed...


Endless seas wash away
Timeless places.
Memories are haunted by
Loves never forgotten tears.

Meteors spreading in never-ending paths,
Clouds disappearing
But never to die.
Water’s reflections
Tell us no lies.
Man is a mortal thing
Always returning to his beginning –


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Did You notice I was away?

I've been away for a little bit....did you notice?

Gone But Not Forgotten

I saw you in my dreams.
Your smile undimmed,
No tears had yet
Crossed your cheeks,
Your eyes bright with life.

I wonder where you are now,
So many years gone by.
Has sorrow bowed you?
Does laughter still fill
Your heart?

I miss you
And what I felt
In your presence.
My hope is that
You still know joy,

That your heart still smiles.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thinking About the Unthinkable

Sometimes as I watch others go through times of great struggle and loss I try to imagine what might be going through their hearts and minds. This is one of those moments.

He stood alone
Having rushed the others away
It was time for him
To say goobye

She was taken
Away too soon
The battle all too brief
Leaving time only to grieve

Removing his coat
Casting aside the tie
The first shovel
Releasing his heartache

Sweat soon
Mixed with tears
And a man who never cried
Buried the best part of himself. 

Jan. 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not Good...But Kinda Funny

Ok...I admit it. This poem is NOT very good. But it is kinda funny and does accurately reflect my feelings during some of my classes...at every level of my education.

So, here it is...

Just Another Monday Class

Here I sit in class
With Dr. Jim.
It’s hard to stay awake
While listening to him.

Around the bush
We constantly beat.
But the rabbit we’ll never catch
In fact, it’s a dead heat

I’ve taken no notes
But wasted lots of paper,
Drawing many doodles
While he tells
Of another  caper.

I don’t want to say
Dr. Jim is a bore,
But what I’d really like to do
Is run screaming out the door.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Confessions of a Wounded Soul

Being a pastor is hard. I know that only a few of my colleagues would make that admission, but after more than 30 years in the ministry I'm not afraid to admit that. I love the church and have given my entire adult life to its nurture and growth. Unlike some, I have not and will never give up on the church...but I sometimes wonder if I have the strength to finish the course.

This week's offering from the stack reflect's this one man's struggle to stay the course.

A Servant’s Lament

When did my joy
Slip away?
Was it in the shuffling
Of papers,
The ringing of the phone?
Or the million minute details?

When did your voice
Get drowned out?
Was it in the caustic
Casual remarks?
Or the meeting after meeting
After meeting?

Where did I
Lose sight of you?
Was it in the hospital
Or the nursing home
Or the thousands of
Encouragement visits
With faithless flocks?

I love the church,
The body of Christ
But it demands a massive
But that doesn’t matter
I love it so...
So I press on.

Hear my cry
Give me strength
Give me sight
Help me keep pressing

On through the night.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When All of Life is Worship

I have been a follower of Christ (yes, I'm a Christian!) since I was 10 years old. I have always loved worship.There's something special in the gathering of the people of God. I grow excited when I think of heaven and the worship that will take place there...a worship with a scope and power that I can only imagine.

But that doesn't stop me from trying....


What words can describe
Your glory.
That glory from which
Sin and darkness

Bathed in radiance
The angels worship
Lifting hearts
And hands
Praise pouring from their lips

I can do nothing
Except fall to my knees
Offering my heart
For You to do as you please

I am yours


Friday, March 14, 2014

A Long and Winding Road

It goes without saying that the life of faith is a difficult one. I have discovered that my more recent works, those in the last 10 years or so, reflect that difficulty more than the earlier ones. I guess that's a function of age and my health struggles.

At any rate....here's one from 2012.


My eyes
Are dim
And my muscles ache.
The years have
Taken a toll too great.

But I will not bow
To time or age,
I will not stop
Or turn aside,
I will not falter,
Will not fail
For there are still
  New heights to scale.

My Savior gave
His life for me,
Shed His blood
On Calvary.
How can I give any less
To Him than my very best?

So on I go,
Taking another step

Following Him. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Waiting and Watching....Hoping

Oddly enough, I can't remember writing this one so I can't give you any background to this particular poem. I would guess, based on the structure and message, that this was written sometime during my college years (1978-1982). But I still like the message. 

My Turn

Open the door
And I will go.

Give me
The words
And I will speak.

Give me
The strength
And I will serve.

Give me
The heart
And I will love.

Let the stones
Be silent,
Mute the heavens
So that I might
Raise my life
In praise.

I love you

Lord God.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Just a Poem

No introduction. No witty remarks....just a poem.

Moving On

Give me strength
For one more step.
My feet are almost as heavy
As my eyelids.

I’m washed
In my own tears,
New questions
For old problems.

I wonder
If my faith
Is really faith at all.
You are so big,
I’m so small.

Can You, do You
Hear my cry?
Will you answer?
Or is it

Will I hear?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

Sometimes I have a real understanding of what I'm writing, or at least trying to write....and then there are other times, like this one. I guess that's all I have to say about that....


Help me not to be
Blind to what I see
But let me be aware
Of the moving of your hand

The difference
Between wants and needs
Is trusting you
To reveal your will me to me

I want to walk
Paths you trace
Caring only about
Finishing this race

The struggle is not
To believe or doubt
But simply

To live faith out


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watching My Daughters Grow Up

My daughters were home this past week on a school break. The girls are 19 and 21. I am amazed at how grown up my children have become.  Considering those facts...this poem fits well in the stack.

So I share it with you.


Looking at you
I realize
That soon
You won’t need me

Time passed
Without my notice
And now
Your nearly ready
To go out on your own.

It’s too late now
And I can’t bring back
The past.
I must face letting
You go
With so much left unsaid.

God watch over
This woman-child of mine,
Be for her
What I cannot be
As she moves into her time.

Guard her steps,
Hold her heart,
Hold her close

To You.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I Long For

I have been a believer, follower, Christ-follower, Christian for 42 years. I've seen things, and had things done to me in all those years that would shock, disappoint and disillusion some. But I can't quit...I can't give up on Jesus. And I can't give up on the church either..

Long ago....as a teenager, I prayed that God would be as real to me as He was to Abraham, Moses and Joseph. My wife and I prayed that same prayer when we married and continue to pray that prayer for both ourselves and our children today.

Recently my oldest son posted this to facebook...."I don't want that 'Old Time Religion," I want Jesus. I couldn't say it any better than that.


Father in heaven,
Great is your love.
A precious gift
Given by your Son
Who left a throne above
To hang on a cross
For us, for us.

We bring an offering,
All that we are.
We long to serve You,
We want to be where
You are.

Hear our prayer
And pour our your Spirit.
Wash over us
We pray.
Holy God
Be with us today.

We give our lives
And all that we have
To You.
Pour us out

Glory to Thee.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again

I have been under the weather for two weeks and didn't realize that I haven't blogged in all that time. If you've missed these often disturbing ramblings I apologize. But I'm back now....here to disturb your sleep with troubling verses. LOL!

There are a few friends whom I have lost touch with through the years. Even mighty Facebook has not helped me find them. To be truthful....I wonder about some of them quite often. This poem, written in 2009, expresses my longing to know how they are.

For a Friend

Often wonder
What’s become
Of you.

What have the years
What have they given?
Would I know you?

Do you
Remember me
Am I dreaming?

Have you found
Your hopes?
My greatest wish

Is that you have.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unlucky in Love

To be honest with you, I was lonely throughout high school....but too afraid of being rejected by a girl to do much of anything about it. I guess that makes me pretty normal....at least back then and in terms of the whole guy-girl thing.

Anyway...this one has found its way to the top of the stack and so I shall now share it with you. All the way from 1977....


It was pain that brought us together.
Two lonely people,
We started to share.
The feelings between us became more than close,
Both afraid
Yet willing to risk again.

But time drove us apart for a season
And when I saw you again
I felt the same
But fate had replaced me with another.
I felt pain but hid it.

But feelings were reborn,
We were sharing again
I could feel the same,
But could you?

If we’d only had our chance.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Voices from the Past

To be honest there is no particular order to the poems that I post. These pieces lie stacked in a plastic box at my house or are bound in journals that I have bought through the years for the very purpose of filling them with poetry. What I have been doing is what became the genesis of this blog...I take the top poem from the stack and type it into a file on my computer. I make notes of the date written and any other information that they bring back to mind (which is surprising in its amount).

At any rate....this is the second poem that I had published. It dates back to the early 1970's. Life was pretty difficult in those days, and the writings of the time reflect that.

Here it is....from somewhere around 40 years ago...

I Am Hurt

I am hurt,
Bleed my heart,
Drain your sorrows.
The sting of bitter hurt burns
As no flame can.

There is no mending of the wound,
I know I shall die soon.
All these things I shall never see again
Was my life loss or gain?

Love hath forsaken me
Burn, lonely heart, burn.
Taste the bitter sweet of my death

Life has had its turn.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Silence the Heart Breaks

As a pastor I see and come face to face with mourning in many different forms. In addition to all my years as a minister I also worked three years in a funeral home in New Orleans. I am familiar with death, suffering, and pain. Sometimes the griefs of others affects me more than others....This is one of two written recently as I reflected on friends who are mourning the loss of loved ones.


How do you mourn
When there are
No more sobs;
When the tears
Are as exhausted
As the soul?

I only want
To rest
For what’s left
Of my life –
A broken
Empty existence

Without you
There is no joy
Will I ever
Reaching for you?

You’re gone
Taking the
Best of me
I don’t
Want to go on

Without you