Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I Long For

I have been a believer, follower, Christ-follower, Christian for 42 years. I've seen things, and had things done to me in all those years that would shock, disappoint and disillusion some. But I can't quit...I can't give up on Jesus. And I can't give up on the church either..

Long a teenager, I prayed that God would be as real to me as He was to Abraham, Moses and Joseph. My wife and I prayed that same prayer when we married and continue to pray that prayer for both ourselves and our children today.

Recently my oldest son posted this to facebook...."I don't want that 'Old Time Religion," I want Jesus. I couldn't say it any better than that.


Father in heaven,
Great is your love.
A precious gift
Given by your Son
Who left a throne above
To hang on a cross
For us, for us.

We bring an offering,
All that we are.
We long to serve You,
We want to be where
You are.

Hear our prayer
And pour our your Spirit.
Wash over us
We pray.
Holy God
Be with us today.

We give our lives
And all that we have
To You.
Pour us out

Glory to Thee.

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