Monday, January 27, 2014

Voices from the Past

To be honest there is no particular order to the poems that I post. These pieces lie stacked in a plastic box at my house or are bound in journals that I have bought through the years for the very purpose of filling them with poetry. What I have been doing is what became the genesis of this blog...I take the top poem from the stack and type it into a file on my computer. I make notes of the date written and any other information that they bring back to mind (which is surprising in its amount).

At any rate....this is the second poem that I had published. It dates back to the early 1970's. Life was pretty difficult in those days, and the writings of the time reflect that.

Here it is....from somewhere around 40 years ago...

I Am Hurt

I am hurt,
Bleed my heart,
Drain your sorrows.
The sting of bitter hurt burns
As no flame can.

There is no mending of the wound,
I know I shall die soon.
All these things I shall never see again
Was my life loss or gain?

Love hath forsaken me
Burn, lonely heart, burn.
Taste the bitter sweet of my death

Life has had its turn.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

In Silence the Heart Breaks

As a pastor I see and come face to face with mourning in many different forms. In addition to all my years as a minister I also worked three years in a funeral home in New Orleans. I am familiar with death, suffering, and pain. Sometimes the griefs of others affects me more than others....This is one of two written recently as I reflected on friends who are mourning the loss of loved ones.


How do you mourn
When there are
No more sobs;
When the tears
Are as exhausted
As the soul?

I only want
To rest
For what’s left
Of my life –
A broken
Empty existence

Without you
There is no joy
Will I ever
Reaching for you?

You’re gone
Taking the
Best of me
I don’t
Want to go on

Without you

Friday, January 17, 2014

Sometimes All You Can Do is Try

I remember this one well. I was asked to write this poem by a guy that I worked with. He'd had a fight with his girlfriend and wanted to apologize without apologizing to her. This is what I came up it is; all the way from 1886...


Words were said
And like caged birds
Flew beyond return

I never meant to hurt you
But only to express
The feelings of my heart
The questions of my soul

Together we have shared
And had many happy times
Perhaps tomorrow
We can find our smiles

From yesterday. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For My Wife.....Can I Get Off the Couch Now?

The three (Yes, I'm up to three!!!!) readers of this blog have raised questions about my judgment in publishing poems about old girlfriends. They wonder about the wisdom, or most specifically what my wife thinks about this.

The answer is that my wife knows that I've written hundreds of poems in my life and that not every one of them is about her. A great many of them are about her, but not all of them.

We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary on the 12th....we've actually been a couple for 33 years (It took me a long time to get her to say "I do"). I thought that it would be appropriate to post a poem about her.

And so here it is....


Waking from a dream about you
And hearing the quiet strains
Of a simple love song
I miss you.

Counting the hours
Until I see you again
And wondering how long
It will be until
I can touch and hold you again.

Lying in this bed
Half-realizing that in a few hours
I can see you again
My eyes start to close again

And I dream about you.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Old Songs...

I mush confess that I am a fan of Barry Manilow's music. I have always liked it and routinely sing along with it when it comes on my music player. This poem, which I really can't remember writing, reminds me of an old Manilow song "The Old Songs."

Here's to old friends and old songs.....May they always remind us that what we have today is far better than what we had then.

Lisa’s Song

The most beautiful person in the world
Is only a quarter-mile away.
But that quarter-mile takes
Forever to traverse.

Hers is the beauty of Eve
And Venus,
For a woman like her
Troy died.
Surely none can
Compare to the beauty
These eyes have beheld.

Her voice is the breeze
That refreshes a weary soul.
I could look into those eyes
For a thousand years,
And when the millennium
Was past
Wish to look some more.

Touch me and I’m in heaven.
Heaven has given me a gift
And I’m thank you for it
My Lord.
The greatest gifts

Are the ones we don’t deserve.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Walking Wounded

I don't have  a date attached to this one and I can't quite remember the circumstances behind it, so I'll just post it anyway....

Broken Walls

Quietly marking the passage of time
With the subdued beating
Of a once strong heart
Here sits one who had conquered all
But lost it

He once stood tall
And strong against
The elements in their vain attempts
To break his soul

Then came one
Who conquered his walls
And found the fear that his
Behind them
And brought to him treasures
He have never held before

But the dark forces
Took life from his grasp
And alone he stands
Once again
Finding his only strength
In the memories of

Broken walls.