Monday, November 25, 2013

Fresh From the "Way Back Machine"

Ok,be honest. Do you get the "Way Back Machine" reference? If you do, then we share more than a few things. Anyway: today is a poem that dates back to 1976. I remember writing this after a long, late night car ride spent watching the moon as the car pressed on into the night.

I don't say it's good....but here it is:

Revolutions of blinding speed
Create the silent movement of
An invisible object

Rocks standing with daggers pointed
Invisible objects hidden in the heavens

Blazing incandescence
Of a million flaming orbs
That light the pathways to the stars

The precise ordered movements of an arm
In its predestined path
Towards a predestined point of destruction.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Back in the Saddle Again

I've been sick and pretty much quarantined for the last three weeks. The combination of meds made me a little loopy and so I've been unable to post anything....But I'm feeling much better today and so I've decided that it's time to get back into the swing of posting these poems for someone's satisfaction (?).

And so....

I present to you a love poem.....I can't remember the exact date, but it I had to guess I would think that it was from 1978, my senior year in high school.

Who Knows?
They tell me that when we’re together
We smile brighter
And I know that I like to be around you
Because you give me a lift
We stay in each other’s company
And share the very deepest things
Could it be that we’re falling in love?

When we spend time together
Everything seems to go smoother
For us both
Doing the simple things
That are usually tedious
Become entertaining and enjoyable
When we’re together.

The hard things come easier
As we travel on our way
Knowing that each other is there
To help
And care deeper than we’re both ready to admit

I think we are. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

The cure for poetry

Here's today's selection.....
Darkness swept down upon him
Threatening to crush the breath
From his very soul.
The talons of hate
Tearing at his heart,
The evil smell of death
Hung heavy about him.

He slowly sank beneath
The weight of a thousand
Unforgotten sins
Wishing only to be forgiven
The lies of a lifetime
Bound into a single moment
Of painful truth.

Forced to his back,
Feeling the foul breath
Of his conquerors
Enveloping his face,
Desiring to have the peace
Of being stabbed in the back.

Then, as if in an instant
All the accusers were gone.
A rough-hewn hand reaching down
Helping him rise to his feet
To steady once faltering steps

Where have your attackers gone?
A voice of quiet thunder
Moved his broken soul.
Before him was only this man
That seemed like a long forgotten

My child,
There are no sins so great
That my Father above cannot forget
Once my blood has washed you clean.
Then, as if the sun had dawned within Him
Jesus stood in all His glory

And Heaven sang. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Words that Fail.

I seem to have the hardest time writing about my relationship with God. I'm not sure that I've ever written one poem about the Lord that I've ever thought was worth reading. I'll let you decide....

Death was upon me
Bathing all in darkness.
Alienation and sorrow
Filled the void.

Hope was long forgotten
Leaving only an anguished wail
All was despair
All was lost

Bursting upon my night
Burning brighter than
The noonday sun
Reaching to the center of my pain
Destroying the despair

His name was Jesus
He who made the world
I had heard of him
But now I knew His love
From death came life
Darkness to joy
Hopelessness to life eternal

This was Jesus.

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Dark Side I Sense in You.....

This poem comes from 1977. This year was a very dark and difficult time in my life. It was a time filled with physical and emotional pain, and the writings of the time reflect the dark nature of my struggle. There were a lot of these type of poems from this period. This one just happened to fall next in the stack.

The pain is no stranger,
Actually it’s a quite frequent visitor
And he never misses a chance to drop in for a visit
But he’s not very gracious
When he comes he make it hard to get around
Have you ever tried to walk up three stairs
And couldn’t do it without breaking into tears?
You ought to try it sometime

Walking can make you cry
Forget about running
And jumping and all sports
I can ride bikes and swim
Without too much pain
But it’s pain all the same
Only not so bad

Everybody understands
And they really feel sorry.
That’s real nice
But it doesn’t take away
The tears.

I dream of what it use dto be
When I could walk and run
And enjoy sports
But that was before it happened
That was a trail of enthusiasm
This is a trail of observance
Damn it.

Written in 1977