Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Don't Be Afraid To Take The Next Step

We all struggle and yet we seem to be afraid to admit that struggle. I think we do no favors to ourselves and others when we cultivate an image of constant strength and victory. I tell my kids often that we are not defined by our victories but by our defeats. 

One Step Follows Another

Hid in a cave
And Jonah
Sat in the shade
And they both
Wondered what
You were up to

I must confess
I often wonder
Why things have
To be the way they are
For Your thoughts
Are beyond mine
And Your wisdom
Past my imagination

I’m glad
That my struggles
Are all known
To You
And my questions
Don’t scare You
Like they do me

I live my life
Not knowing
While wrestling
With the questions
Yet you
Wait for me
To seek You

For the answers

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