Saturday, February 1, 2014

Unlucky in Love

To be honest with you, I was lonely throughout high school....but too afraid of being rejected by a girl to do much of anything about it. I guess that makes me pretty least back then and in terms of the whole guy-girl thing.

Anyway...this one has found its way to the top of the stack and so I shall now share it with you. All the way from 1977....


It was pain that brought us together.
Two lonely people,
We started to share.
The feelings between us became more than close,
Both afraid
Yet willing to risk again.

But time drove us apart for a season
And when I saw you again
I felt the same
But fate had replaced me with another.
I felt pain but hid it.

But feelings were reborn,
We were sharing again
I could feel the same,
But could you?

If we’d only had our chance.

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