Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Poking Myself

I warned you when I started this experiment that I would post many different types of things. Today is the first of those many different types of things. I must confess that I have always appreciated David Letterman's humor...especially his Top Ten lists. I've written my own Top Ten Lists for at least 25 years. So to prove two things: 1) I indeed can write something other than bad poetry, and 2) I have a sense of humor about my appearance...I present to you a Top Ten List from 2010....

Top Ten Ways to Tell You’ve Gone Bald

10.  Three words: “Bird-target-practice!”
9. FAA wants you to wear a hat outside because the reflection off your head is blinding pilots.
8. You’ve exchanged your comb for a chamois cloth.
7. You grew a beard just to prove you could grow hair somewhere.
6. You don’t lose pencils perched on your ear anymore.
5. When buried to your neck at the beach you’re often mistaken for a beach ball.
4. You know that bald-guy Sean Connery was once named “Sexiest Man of the Year” by People Magazine.*
3. Every year at Halloween you dress up like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family and no one notices.
2. Women find you irresistible....in your dreams!
1. God’s not the only one to know the number of hairs on your head.


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