Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29th

Some of the hardest things for me to write are poems about my faith. I generally feel completely inadequate when it comes to talking about God. How does someone describe the Maker of the Universe? But I can't seem to stop trying...


The times are hard
And the sky is dark
I confess I struggle
With a weary heart

Sometimes doubt
Whispers in my ear
It’s so easy to
Give in to fear

I am so weak
Not up to the task
Sometimes I wonder
If my faith will last

My spirit and flesh
Long for rest
I don’t think
I can finish this test

Help me
Hear my cry
Don’t reject me
When I question why

I’m told that someday
This will all make sense
That I’ll find meaning
In these events

I confess I wonder
When that will be
It feels like
You’ve forgotten me

Give me strength
And hope and peace
That my faith
Might increase

Written Feb. 21, 2011

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