Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten

I have been blessed to know a lot of people in my life....and I've managed to keep up with many of them. There are a few that I've lost touch with, and I am sorry for that. This poem is about one of those friends that have drifted away.

Wondering Where You Are

We were never
More than friends
A few brief moments of calm
In the turmoil of high school

You shared your heart
In what could have been
The start of romance
If not for fear

And then life
Ended our brief interlude
And the winds blew us
Separate ways

But I have never
Forgotten you
And still wonder
If you are well

Did life ever
Get better for you?
Did you leave behind
Your great sorrow?

My hearts hopes
That you found love
That joy became
Your companion

I want nothing more
Than to know

You’re happy

written in 2013

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