Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Old Songs...

I mush confess that I am a fan of Barry Manilow's music. I have always liked it and routinely sing along with it when it comes on my music player. This poem, which I really can't remember writing, reminds me of an old Manilow song "The Old Songs."

Here's to old friends and old songs.....May they always remind us that what we have today is far better than what we had then.

Lisa’s Song

The most beautiful person in the world
Is only a quarter-mile away.
But that quarter-mile takes
Forever to traverse.

Hers is the beauty of Eve
And Venus,
For a woman like her
Troy died.
Surely none can
Compare to the beauty
These eyes have beheld.

Her voice is the breeze
That refreshes a weary soul.
I could look into those eyes
For a thousand years,
And when the millennium
Was past
Wish to look some more.

Touch me and I’m in heaven.
Heaven has given me a gift
And I’m thank you for it
My Lord.
The greatest gifts

Are the ones we don’t deserve.

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