Tuesday, January 14, 2014

For My Wife.....Can I Get Off the Couch Now?

The three (Yes, I'm up to three!!!!) readers of this blog have raised questions about my judgment in publishing poems about old girlfriends. They wonder about the wisdom, or most specifically what my wife thinks about this.

The answer is that my wife knows that I've written hundreds of poems in my life and that not every one of them is about her. A great many of them are about her, but not all of them.

We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary on the 12th....we've actually been a couple for 33 years (It took me a long time to get her to say "I do"). I thought that it would be appropriate to post a poem about her.

And so here it is....


Waking from a dream about you
And hearing the quiet strains
Of a simple love song
I miss you.

Counting the hours
Until I see you again
And wondering how long
It will be until
I can touch and hold you again.

Lying in this bed
Half-realizing that in a few hours
I can see you again
My eyes start to close again

And I dream about you.

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