Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some days you should never pick up the pen......

One of the dangers in this blog is that I seem to have forgotten how bad some of this stuff really is. My senior year in high school seems to have been the genesis for a lot of bad poetry. The reason seems to be the three girls who managed to break through my veneer and touch my heart....and cause bad poetry.

I apologize for the following:


If I could make time stand still
I’d stop it at this moment,
With you this close to me.
Because there’s a reason why I smile.

The warmth we’ve shared
Has touched more than we two.
We’ve made others happy
Because they’ve wanted us both
To find someone who cared.

It was God’s will that we be together.
Maybe not forever,
Maybe for only a couple of days.

But no matter how long
Or short our time will be
Because of it
We shall both be better
And I just want to thank you

I just want to make you happy.

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