Friday, November 1, 2013

The Dark Side I Sense in You.....

This poem comes from 1977. This year was a very dark and difficult time in my life. It was a time filled with physical and emotional pain, and the writings of the time reflect the dark nature of my struggle. There were a lot of these type of poems from this period. This one just happened to fall next in the stack.

The pain is no stranger,
Actually it’s a quite frequent visitor
And he never misses a chance to drop in for a visit
But he’s not very gracious
When he comes he make it hard to get around
Have you ever tried to walk up three stairs
And couldn’t do it without breaking into tears?
You ought to try it sometime

Walking can make you cry
Forget about running
And jumping and all sports
I can ride bikes and swim
Without too much pain
But it’s pain all the same
Only not so bad

Everybody understands
And they really feel sorry.
That’s real nice
But it doesn’t take away
The tears.

I dream of what it use dto be
When I could walk and run
And enjoy sports
But that was before it happened
That was a trail of enthusiasm
This is a trail of observance
Damn it.

Written in 1977 

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