Friday, November 8, 2013

The cure for poetry

Here's today's selection.....
Darkness swept down upon him
Threatening to crush the breath
From his very soul.
The talons of hate
Tearing at his heart,
The evil smell of death
Hung heavy about him.

He slowly sank beneath
The weight of a thousand
Unforgotten sins
Wishing only to be forgiven
The lies of a lifetime
Bound into a single moment
Of painful truth.

Forced to his back,
Feeling the foul breath
Of his conquerors
Enveloping his face,
Desiring to have the peace
Of being stabbed in the back.

Then, as if in an instant
All the accusers were gone.
A rough-hewn hand reaching down
Helping him rise to his feet
To steady once faltering steps

Where have your attackers gone?
A voice of quiet thunder
Moved his broken soul.
Before him was only this man
That seemed like a long forgotten

My child,
There are no sins so great
That my Father above cannot forget
Once my blood has washed you clean.
Then, as if the sun had dawned within Him
Jesus stood in all His glory

And Heaven sang. 

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