Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Only the Beginning

In some ways this is the hardest thing I've ever done....and that's saying a lot! A friend asked me once how I seem to be so comfortable and glib in front of crowds of people. My response: "It only takes two things: A lack of sense and a lack of shame."  But that doesn't mean that it's easy.

Why another blog? I already have two, although I haven't blogged anything in almost two years. I guess it's a function of the fact that I'm growing older and feeling my mortality more now than ever before. Add to that a desire to share my story and that pretty much sums it up.

So what is this blog? A collection of my writings....poems, essays, a short story or two. In short, almost anything I've every written that isn't connected to my ministry writings (that's another blog for another day). I'm not sure why I'm putting my self out there like this. I have seldom shared my writings with others, but in the last three years I have felt an ever greater impetus to do just that.

Some of these are very old....I still have the first poem that I've ever written (2nd grade), and might even share that some day. Most of these are love poems....my crying out for love in a harsh world that was my home life with my birth parents. Others are attempts to be funny. Some are musings on Jesus. But they are all the story of my life, good or bad. I guess in a way these are my legacy.

So here they are. Your comments are welcome. Please try not to be too harsh...

Up first: the first one on my stack.

For Susan

A lifetime ago
You threw a pear
At my head -
I was in love.

A move across town
Was a million miles
Taking away
All but memories.

But my heart still smiles
At thoughts of you
And simpler days.
I wonder
What became of you.

Did you ever
Throw pears at another?
Was joy to be your lot?
Do you still possess the smile
That stole my heart?

(Aug. 32, 2013)


  1. What a sweet poem! (But how does your wife feel about the first poem you posted being a love poem to someone else?) I don't think I've ever met anyone who fell in love because someone threw a pear at them. But then, you always were a unique kind of guy... :)
    -Lori Hope Kingston

  2. LOL....Lori, as I said in the introduction, this poem was simply the first one in the stack. As far as Lyndra goes...she's pretty cool with it, I mean this was about 40 years ago. I'm not sure the girl involved would even remember me or the event.