Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top Ten Signs You May Be a Baptist

Top Ten Signs You May Be a Baptist

10. Everyone church member serves on at least three committees.

9. You’ve been a member for twenty years but are still referred to as “that new

8. You have two opinions on everything: and they’re both right.

7. Your idea of excitement in worship is standing for more than two hymns in       worship.

6. You think the national bird should be the fried chicken.

5. Any Sunday you beat the Methodist’s to Picadilly’s is considered a sign of         God’s favor.

4. You’re in favor of replacing the grape juice and cracker in the Lord’s Supper   with sweet tea and corn bread.

3. You’ve ever called Chick-fil-A “Jesus Chicken.”

2. You prefer the bulletin be printed in King James English.

1. Heaven will be an eternal pot-luck and every seat will be on the back row.

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