Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I've Been Up to Mischief Again

It's been so long since I posted anything I couldn't remember my password! I guess I need to start posting again. When you live for a full year in an area with no reliable internet access you kinda get out of practice.

But anyway, I've been entertaining wicked little thoughts and thought I'd share them with you....LOL!

Top Ten Things That Will Spook You
10. You pass the same hitchhiker three times without having turned around.

9. While playing hide and seek in a graveyard you fall into an open grave.

8. You’re home alone when suddenly every dog in the neighborhood runs onto your porch, barking viciously.

7. You’re reading with the cat on your lap when a cold breeze passes over you, causing the cat to arch her back, hiss and run away.

6. Your walking through an empty church when you hear steps in the hallway...but there’s no bare floors.

5. Being awakened by the brush of your spouse’s hand when they come to bed only to roll over and discover they aren’t there.

4. You go to answer your home phone and the caller id says it’s your home phone that’s calling.

3. You’re in the shower when the bathroom door rattles...but you’re home alone.
2. You open the bedroom door to check 

on your child and see the glowing eyes of your cat...except that you don’t own a cat.

1. You’re standing at the bathroom mirror shaving and poking at the cat with your feet...only to look over and see the cat on top of the toilet, staring at you with wide eyes.

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